Waterbeds, waterbed heaters, water bed conditioner and bedding sheets for water beds.

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Aquastatus sell waterbeds and waterbed accessories online. We offer both softside and hardside bed frames and a selection of water bed mattresses. We have been selling waterbeds for over 20 years and our experts can help you buy the right bed and more importantly the right water bed mattress.

We also sell many accessories for waterbeds including; heaters, replacement mattresses, water conditioner, waterbed sheets, safety liners and bedding.

Our range of water beds are sold in various sizes

Hardside waterbed frames

Hardside waterbeds are called this because the bed frame has rigid sides. The water mattress then fits inside the box design on top of plywood supports. Traditional were very easy to distinguish because of this design but recently many normal mattresses and standard beds also share this type of bed frame.

Softside waterbeds

Most modern waterbeds are based on the softside concept which allows for a greater variety of bed designs. The softside waterbeds are made up of a rigid foam rail that gives the water mattress enough support to keep its shape and avoid the need for a hardsided bedframe. Softside beds often look just like a normal bed.

Replacement mattresses for water beds

Water bed mattresses vary in a number of ways. Firstly the number of fibre layers inside the mattress will affect the wave motion of the waterbed. For example a 2-layer mattress will give you more water motion than a 6 layer mattress. The other variable to consider is the number of water chambers inside the mattress dual mattresses have two compartments while the more expensive water beds have a combination of air and water compartments.

Waterbed conditioner

In order to prolong the life of your water bed, the water quality inside the mattress needs to be maintained. This is done by adding a conditioner to the water inside the mattress.

Heaters for waterbed

The natural temperature of water at room level is generally too cold for a waterbed. A waterbed heater is essential in order to maintain a constant water temperature inside the bed mattress. The thermostatically controlled heater can create cool sleeping conditions in the summer and a nice warm bed in the winter.

Water bed servicing

Aquastatus offer a local servicing package to anybody within the South Wales area. If you have a waterbed, whether you bought it from ourselves or not, we offer it twice annual service package, which will help keep your bed in perfect condition and help it last a long time. For more information on this service please contact our office on 01633 842777.